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Spill the Beans

It's the beverage that gets us up and energized throughout the day and whether you enjoy it black or as a latte, it's served a countless amount of ways and enjoyed by just about everyone under the sun. Spill the Beans takes a look at ol' cup of joe and explores its history and culture throughout the world with author Lani Kingston. 

"Coffee is the world’s cup. Over 2.25 billion are brewed, sipped, and savored daily. A loyal companion and energetic facilitator of every day, coffee has sprouted an entire cafe culture and a booming industry. While the caffeine fix is hard to ignore, this beloved hot drink holds a rich and diverse history that sinks deeper than the bottom of the cup.

Spill the Beans takes the reader on a journey through Ethiopia, Guatemala, Vietnam, and many other countries in between, exploring the myriad ways in which coffee is produced, traded, and enjoyed. Hipster baristas may be dreaming up the next seasonal latte at this very moment, but the story of how the humble bean became a global icon is ingrained in history. An essential title for armchair travelers, curious foodies, and cafe-hoppers alike, this java journey demonstrates that there’s a vast world of coffee beyond the ubiquitous flat white. This book is an ‘extra hot’ commodity, maybe it is time to sample it?"


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