SOMA's beautifully-designed water filter is back in black
Photos: SOMA

Photos: SOMA

One of the most beautiful water carafes gets a new limited edition with a blacked-out version of their water filter with the SOMA Black. If you're not already familiar with SOMA filter, its biodegradable filter uses an all-natural coconut shell-based filter and a plant-based casing that helps reduces chlorine, taste, and color. 

They've also paid close attention to the glass of the carafe using a German-engineered, shatter-resistant glass and a cone made from BPA-free plastic. And it's not just a color way change, they're donating the proceeds to charity:water and each carafe comes with a code that gives you a chance to win a surprise gift which could be anything from a SALT Surfboard to a Sole Bicycle, or a chair from Design Within Reach. 

$99, SOMA

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