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Snow Peak updates the popular Hozuki Lantern for 2015

One of our favorite outdoor essentials gets some much needed upgrades.
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Photo: Snow Peak

Photo: Snow Peak

With its warm, glowing light and versatile design, it's no wonder the Hozuki Lantern has become a big hit with the outdoor enthusiasts across the globe. For 2015 the lantern gets some much needed updates that'll definitely have you Snow Peak fans upgrading once they're available.

The new model will have an adjustable cord and now only needs three AA batteries to power the 100 lumen light. They're also introducing some great new accessories including a glowing silicone replacement shade, a rechargeable battery pack, and a lamp shade to diffuse the light. No word yet on when the new lantern will reach the US, but it shouldn't be too long after Japan gets them in April. 

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