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Shipley & Halmos x D.S. & Durga

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GQ debuts Shipley & Halmos's first fragrance in collaboration with D.S. & Durga:

"In what we're calling the great ampersand allegiance of 2011, the fellas from Shipley & Halmos are teaming with Brooklyn fragrance purveyors D.S. & Durga to launch their first ever unisex scent this winter. Fragrances can be pretty impersonal, but this one, not so much: designers Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos worked alongside the D.S. & Durga team to evoke sensory memories from their childhood. Inspirational blueprints included suntan lotion, which call to mind the beaches of Florida, while alpine snow pays tribute to the Rocky Mountains. Either of which will happily transport you away from the concrete jungle for a few seconds every morning (a few extra spritzes couldn't hurt, right?) $98."


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