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Rockwell's Model T is a shaving razor built for every face

The only razor you'll ever need?
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Photo: Rockwell

Photo: Rockwell

You might have heard the benefits of shaving with a safety razor. Many swear by it because of the affordable blades and its ability to greatly reduce the possibility of in-grown hairs and irritation. Rockwell's Model T blade takes that idea one step further. With most off the shelf blades you're stuck one blade type that is supposedly ideal for most face types and as anyone will tell you, no one's face is exactly the same. 

The Model T fixes this issue with an adjustable ring that lets you change the angle of the blade so you can have a shave that's more friendly toward sensitive face types or you can use a higher setting to tackle thicker, coarser facial hair. Rockwell currently has the Model T on Kickstarter and as of this writing they've already reached their goal. Deliveries are set for March next year and each razor will include 100 blades, which is more than enough for about two years of shaving. 


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