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Review: SanDisk Sansa slotRadio

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SanDisk's Sansa slotRadio is a new music device with an intriguing yet simple idea. Essentially they're offering 1,000 preloaded songs across seven playlists that vary from Alternative, Pop, Country, and R&B/Hip Hop. What's more interesting is the price, for $100 you get the player and the bundled card filled with music which is a steal considering the price of digital music today and the amount of music available on the card. More from this review after the jump.

The slotRadio is simple enough, two buttons on the screen navigate through each playlist or radio stations on the device's FM radio and the play/pause button also allows you to skip forward through songs. The song selection on each of the cards is a "handcrafted" list of songs comprised of the usual pop hits and a broad, eclectic mix of tracks that features everything from The Rolling Stones to Eazy-E. Other music cards are also available for an additional $40.

Now the whole idea of the slotRadio is that with the 1,000 songs you can't repeat, rewind, or pick individual songs you want to play. Your only option is that you can skip through songs or change playlists. And that's where most of the slotRadio's value lies. Its instant gratification for casual music listeners/luddites who grimace at the idea of ripping a cd or opening an iTunes account.

This is not going to replace your iPod or be your next mp3 player. However, if you fit any of the criteria we talked about then we can't recommend a better device. If you require control over your music and want to download the latest songs, this is probably not for you.

Link: SanDisk Sansa slotRadio - $99

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