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Reader Review: Old Spice Body Spray

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Old Spice recently introduced a line of Body Sprays to the market and we thought it would be fun to send out a few bottles (Thanks Old Spice!) of bottles to our readers to jump start a new reader review feature. So how does Grandpa's trusty cologne fare today as a body spray line? Click "More" to find out.

Ryan from Palo Alto, CA writes:


I’ve got to be honest. I’ve always been skeptical of the male body spray trend. Sadly for our friends at Old Spice, the samples sent out only proved to me that the clouds of scent following young teenagers around American’s malls are a result of the marketing that have somehow managed to convince our youth that women will respond to guys who use this product. The reality is that to me body spray is overpowering, and tends to linger too long. A small amount of quality cologne will easily do the job, and nothing can replace the simple clean scent that showering regularly provides."

"El Dorko" from Santa Clara, CA writes:


Instead of spraying myself with the two Old Spice body sprays, I decided to get some real world feedback and have a smell-off. That's right, a blind smell test. I chose a friend's backyard bbq as the ideal testing ground as it would be packed with co-eds. Two single guys volunteered to be scent carriers and the smell-off began. The smell-off results were surprising.

In the end, the Aqua scent won the battle 15-13 with a nearby tin full of carnitas coming in third with 8 votes. Both guys went home alone so the scent didn't have any hypnotic effects on the ladies. It did however seem to repel other guys. Three guys at the party (myself included) ended up with major sinus pressure and a stuffed nose after hanging around the smell for ten minutes. Whether or not that's a good thing is up for you to decide.

Some selected quotes from the party:

The good:

"Smells fresh…I like it" – Aqua scent

"A little strong but better than BO"

The bad:

"You smell like you just walked out of a Walgreen's"

"The carnitas smells better than that"

"I like his (classic scent) better, smells fruity!"

Aaron from Sunnyvale, CA writes:


The old spice original spray is nothing special. It's pretty weaksauce and still smells like the original deodorant stick for obvious reasons. The Aqua Reef smells Ok from the body, but once I used it, it definitely smelled good. The only thing is that by the end of the day it smells sort of musky which I don't get with other brands.

The bottle design in general is tight however. I like the firm squishy press button that makes it feel like quality. The way it sprays out is also better than all the other brands because it really disperses it in a super fine mist that gets everywhere. In general, I wouldn't buy the original scent, but I might try the other ones. I'd buy it if the other scents are better and mainly because the bottle and the way it sprays is pretty f-ing awesome. "

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