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Paradigm Vol. 1 - Genesis

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The folks behind Paradigm Magazine release a new book featuring essays, artwork, and interviews that focus on the central theme of creation:

"Paradigm Vol. I - Genesis is a tribute to the extraordinary people who have inspired our odyssey thus far. The anthology is an expression of vivid dreams, feelings, thoughts, and ideas conveyed from visionaries across the world, with each contribution to this volume offering an interpretation of the book's central theme, Genesis - an origin, creation, or beginning. The stories and visions shared seek to infiltrate a deep-rooted connection within each individual's journey and to illustrate the unified wonder of the human experience.

This timeless keepsake has been tactfully crafted from cover-to-cover in order to fulfill its unique conceptualization. In an uncompromising effort to keep our work genuine, we have resisted any sponsorships, advertisements, or such forms of commercial backing for the creation of this project. Only by an unyielding level of devotion, along with the help of remarkable friends, was the dream of conceiving this book realized."

$95, Paradigm

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