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Parabellum Device Blotters

Parabellum updates the classic desk blotter in their beautiful Bison leather.
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Photo: Parabellum 

Photo: Parabellum 

If your work surface is lacking in style, you might want to add some leather to it, just ask any discerning CEO...or the President. Odds are you'll find a nice leather desk blotter adorning the surface, but with writing taking a backseat to e-mails and instant messages, a blotter may seem unnecessary...or is it? 

Parabellum's device blotters not only add some slick leather accents to your desk, but also deliver a beautiful work surface for your favorite devices with leather pads for your laptops, tablets, mice, smartphones, and coasters for your mugs. And do we need to remind you of that beautiful Bison leather? 

$50-$145, available now at

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