Onekind's Mega Multitasker is designed for modern skincare needs

A hydrating recipe of ingredients to fight damage from screen time and daily stresses.
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onekind Mega Multitasker

If there's one thing that should be high up on your list these days it's your skincare regimen. And one of the most important pieces of that regimen is your moisturizer. Onekind has just released a versatile concoction called the Mega Multitasker that uses a mix of anti-oxidants to keep your skin healthy and protected from damage brought on from screen-emitted blue light and daily stresses like environmental pollutants. Designed for all skin types, the all-day moisturizer features Ashwagandha to fight fatigue, peach, apple, and ginseng juice complex to protect against environmental pollutants, and hyaluronic acid to hydrate and reduce fine lines. 


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