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Naoto Fukusawa takes readers through his 100 latest designs in his new book, Embodiment

Phaidon presents another essential design read.
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Naoto Fukusawa Emobdiment

From Jony Ive to the throngs of customers that buy his designs at Muji, Naoto Fukusawa's eye for function and simplicity has built a legion of fans across the globe. This month, Fukusawa takes us through 100 of his latest works for his new book with Phaidon.

"Naoto Fukasawa's simple, restrained, and user-friendly products have an extraordinarily universal appeal. Featuring more than 100 of his latest designs, including furniture, phones, watches, fashion, luggage, and accessories, Naoto Fukasawa: Embodiment perfectly captures Fukasawa's perspective on the dynamic interplay between people, places, and things.

It places the designer's products into the context of the contemporary design world and offers a first-hand account of Fukasawa's design philosophy."


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