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My Stay at Home Essentials | Richard Liu of DSPTCH

The bag and accessories designer shares his love for Korean dramas, heavy-duty tools, and comfortable footwear.
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Richard Liu, DSPTCH founder

Richard Liu, DSPTCH founder

Always seeking functional solutions to carrying and using your gear, DSPTCH founder Richard Liu has never been one to design a bag or accessory without careful consideration of what that product brings to the table. Whether it's finding new ways to address the comfort and fit of a face mask or enhancing the versatility of a simple key chain, the designer has taken his eye for utility and turned it into a global brand that is proudly designed and manufactured here in the USA. For his stay at home essentials, Richard takes us through some of his favorite shows, cookware, and more. 

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Netflix Favorites

Crash Landing on You

Crash Landing on You

"Korean Dramas/Terrace House on Netflix – Feel-good content has never been this guiltless to watch. I used to pressure myself to watch more enriching things but that’s been thrown out of the window. The newer shows on Netflix (Crash Landing on You, Itaewon Class) are also a bit less cringeworthy."

Staub Cast-Iron Fry Pan


"Staub Cast-Iron Fry Pan – I received this as a wedding gift about 7 years ago and only used it from time to time. Since I am at home cooking so often, I have become more familiar with how to cook with it and now need a reason to not use this pan when it’s time for a meal. Get the 12”.

DEWALT 20-Volt Drill


"Dewalt 20V Drill – I’ve only used entry-level drills for most of my life. I picked one of these up over the holidays and the experience has been transformative. The extra torque makes a big difference and tackles home projects with ease."


"Kettlebell – Physical health has been critical in developing a routine and now that I’m a bit older, I have become a bigger proponent of dynamic strength training. These are great as they take up virtually no space and there are a ton of exercises you can look up."


"Slip-ons – I’ve always been into slip-on sneakers but I see why now they are becoming more mainstream for people that need to go in and out for short trips. My personal favorite is the New Balance Sport Slip 900 as they look much more like a regular shoe. At home, I wear Glerups Wool Slippers as they have a thick leather outsole that I appreciate."

Local Favorites (San Francisco, CA): 


Lord Jiu’s

"5 course menu to-go made by two Michelin Star Chefs. No brainer when you need a little treat"

Namu Stonepot

"Chicken Bone Broth Set. The broth is the most flavorful chicken broth that I have ever had."


"Funghi Misti Pizza. Our go-to Italian restaurant in the Mission."

Linea Caffe

"My favorite coffee in the Mission. Pour over is not as complicated as you think"

Farmhouse Thai Kitchen

"24 Hours Beef Noodle Soup."

Craftsman and Wolves

"Rebel Within."

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