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My Stay at Home Essentials | Writer, photographer, and investor, Om Malik

We take a peek into the award-winning journalist's lockdown kit.
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Today's Stay at Home Essentials feature takes us up the coast to the foggy hills of San Francisco, CA, where we find the always stylish, Om Malik. The acclaimed writer turned investor has been itching to return to his love of photography and while his trusty Leica takes a bit of a siesta during the lockdown, Om has been very gracious to give us a peek into the stay at home essentials that are keeping him cozy, connected, and well-hydrated.

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11-inch iPad Pro (2020)


"iPad Pro (11-inch. 2020 Model) I use it for reading - news, magazines, books. It doesn’t have cellular turned on, and I use it exclusively for reading and editing photos." 

iMac Pro

iMac Pro

"iMac Pro - for editing photos, writing, emails, recording podcasts. This is my truck."

Montblanc 149 and Rhodia R Premium Notebooks


"Montblanc 149 medium nib fountain pen and Rhodia R Premium Notepads for writing. (I prefer the color black for my notepads, lined. Size A5. I think by writing, taking notes of calls by hand, and usually doodle, to mull over things. My ink of choice is Pilot Iroshizuku Muraskaki - I bought this about three years ago and still going strong. I go through one pad a week." 

Juniper Ridge Campfire Incense


"Juniper Ridge Incense (Cedar Campfire). It makes me feel I am outdoors and lost in the wilderness."

DRAM Herbal Sparkling Waters


"DRAM Sparkling Water. It is my reward to myself and also keeps me hydrated." 

Stoffa tees, Muji pants, and socks from Thunderslove and RoToTo.


"On clothing, I wear pretty much the same outfit. A high crewneck t-shirt in navy from Stoffa. And linen drawstring pants by Muji. Way better than lounge pants or sweats, and I feel formal/informal. Both are topped by an old navy cardigan from Loro Piana. 12 years later, it still is going strong. I wear socks by either Thunderslove or by RoToTo. Being Indian means, no shoes in the house."

Local Favorites (San Francisco, CA):


"My favorite two spots to order food from - Akiko and coffee beans from The Coffee Movement. Order what the freshest beans from there. I order Cascara Shrub from Sightglass (where I am an investor). I also like Sightglass Instant. They have a fantastic Yetatebe."

*Note from the Editor: The Local Favorite section previously included Piccino, which is temporarily closed due to COVID-19. 

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