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My Stay at Home Essentials | JP Mastey of Corpus Naturals

The grooming expert and entrepreneur briefs us on staying active with his family and the ideal work from home setup.
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JP Mastey, Founder of Corpus Naturals

JP Mastey, Founder of Corpus Naturals

Men's grooming as you know it today wouldn't be where it is without JP Mastey. After spending over a decade bringing a modern and premium approach to personal care, Mastey has taken that expertise to a new venture, Corpus Naturals. The collection of natural deodorants has a growing legion of fans who have quickly become addicted to the line's carefully crafted scents and clean ingredients. JP took some time out of his busy home/work schedule to give us a look at how he's staying on the move with his kids, his at-home coffee fix, and a couple of tech accessories he can't do without.

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Linus Roadster Sport

Linus Roadster Sport

"Staying at home all the time is certainly new to me. I consider myself a homebody, but this is not the same. I need fresh air and exercise and with two kids (11 and 4), they maybe need it more than I do. So as a family we are very fortunate to live in a gated community where we can ride bikes on the street for several blocks without having to run into traffic. As for the bike, the Linus Roadster Sport is my pick for the neighborhood family ride."



"Basketball is now a staple daily activity and it breaks up the day between calls and our end of the day ritual. Me and my son have developed a highly competitive game of horse, one on one, and around the world."

Gaggia Velasca Prestige


"Corpus HQ is neighbors with a Blue Bottle so we are spoiled with great coffee and service when things are “normal." To get my fix at home I invested in an idiot-proof Gaggia Velasca Prestige. And I look forward to little coffee breaks between calls from home now."

Apple HomePod


"It's pretty obvious that the iPhone, iMac, and MacBook are essential but the one Apple product I find myself using all the time now is the HomePod. It went from an item I would randomly use, to something I use every day and almost all day. With so much news to consume, I find it easier to swap from music to news throughout the day and my preference is now consuming news via radio/podcast and not on the screen. I also have gone back to my youth asking Siri to play hits from the 80s."

LG UltraFine


"I am not a fan of working on a MacBook for hours on end. I ultimately had to invest in recreating my office setup and getting an external display for home use. The reviews on these LG displays were always mixed...but in my humble opinion, they are AMAZING. One cable, seamless integration, great quality, and I actually think it looks better than anything else offered on the market. Having a larger display has been great for my productivity - not to mention my posture and neck."

Local Favorite (Los Angeles, CA):


"Backyard Bowls still gets the lion share of my takeout dollars. I do my best to eat healthy and because I've been working from home, it has resulted in lots of bread! It's something I usually try to limit, but I've now fallen victim to “comfort food". Acai bowls loaded with greens and nuts are my favorite and help to keep me on track."

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