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My Stay at Home Essentials | MMA champ, actor, and bourbon maker, Josh Barnett

The Warmaster himself talks to us about the best beans, the best way to cook, and his award-winning bourbon.
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Josh Barnett is definitely one of those guys who you could easily consider to be a top contender for “The Most Interesting Man in the World.” The MMA champ has been building quite the resume outside of his fighting career with a growing list of movie projects under his belt and a gold medal-winning bourbon. The proud Seattle-ite currently resides in Hollywood, CA and gave us a look at his go-to kit for staying entertained, cooking the perfect steaks, and his favorite training tool. 

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ThunderKing Coffee


"ThunderKing Coffee - As a Seattle-ite my blood needs to be 60% coffee at all times and the Positive Morning Attitude Organic Coffee Beans keep the black gold flowing. Works great for pour-overs or for cold brewing, which is my preferred way to brew."

Night Flight +PLUS


"Night Flight Plus - Super sweet streaming service and cheap as hell for all the awesome stuff you get with it. Tons of classic as aired episodes on Night Flight, music, documentaries, cult cinema, anime, and all kinds of counterculture and underground stuff. I grew up watching this weirdness and the streaming service is like a perfect expansion of the original show.

The Night Flight “Take Off” series (Take Off to Metal) and the Italian horror stuff (Stage Fright) is gold"

Lodge Cast Iron Skillets


"Lodge 12” Cast Iron Skillet - Doing a lot of cooking at home and this thing is invaluable. The 12” is perfect for most any cooking task and gets the perfect sear on steaks every time.

The skillet comes pre-seasoned straight from the factory but my tip for having the best non-stick surface possible is to get some 120, 200, 400, 800 grit sandpaper and wet sand the surface until it is perfectly smooth. You will have to re-season the pan (which is a rather easy thing to do) and prefer using grapeseed oil to do so. When you’re done though, this pan will be like cooking on glass with fantastically easy clean up.

I also have a matching lid for braising/etc and I love the fact that it is made in the USA."

Warbringer Warmaster Edition Bourbon


"Warmaster Edition Bourbon - There’s always time for whiskey and this mesquite smoked badass makes those times that much better. Pairs incredibly well with the aforementioned steaks. A lot of work goes into making this with a corn and malted rye mashbill, aged in new American Oak barrels, then finished in a PX Sherry cask. Batch 1 won gold at the San Francisco International Spirits Competition this year and batch 2 is now shipping.

Nose - Ashey campfire smoke, vanilla, dark chocolate, burnt sugar, raisin cedar

Pallette - Smokey, cigar, earthy, leather, white pepper, cherry, tinge of sweetness

Finish - A smokey dark chocolate with a hug of cherry"


"Wolf Brigade 10kg Mace - Although it has a learning curve, the mace is one piece of equipment that is capable of delivering the intensity and dynamism I need to train. The mace is an ancient Indian/Persian piece of strength training equipment that was a staple in wrestling training and was revived in the modern era through the legendary Karl Gotch and Jake Shannon. 10kg of weight on the end of a 40” handle and your imagination means there’s plenty of ways to train. Plus who knows if you might need to be swinging around all kinds of weapons in a potential Coronapocalypse? Train with this thing and you’ll be ready.

You can also get them customized so your enemies can see your wicked “Mad Max” nickname on your mace."

Local Favorites (Hollywood, CA):


"I don’t really order out as I cook most all of my food but when I’m feeling like some good comfort food I turn to these two:

"Kluckin Chicken - Southern Fried Chicken Sandwich realm and I always order the Kluckin Comb #2 with cheese at the hottest spice level. Can’t go wrong with a pair of fried chicken sandos and fries for a proper cheat meal after maintaining the discipline to NOT eat all you stocked up for quarantine while being stuck in, but be sure to ask for extra sauce on the side."

Star of India - Indian food over the years has become one of my go to comfort foods. I get Korma with lamb and a vegetable biryani."

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