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Mr. Aston Martin: Dr. Ulrich Bez

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This fall teNeues captures an incredible decade of Dr. Ulrich Bez's reign over Aston Martin:

"During his ten years at the helm, Aston Martin CEO Dr. Ulrich Bez turned a niche British car maker into a profitable global business. Not your normal corporate “how I did it,” this is a unique, lavishly illustrated blend of business case and personal memoir. The plot zooms along like a thriller—no business platitudes and all the insider details. We’re with Dr. Bez as he sleeplessly awaits Bill Ford’s verdict on buying out Aston Martin. We get up-close with the intense challenges of running an exclusive car manufacturer and see just how a global luxury brand is developed. A car enthusiast and engineer with a vision, Bez also shares his thoughts on the future of the automobile—and his plans for Aston Martin."


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