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Montblanc's Rouge et Noir gets a bold lacquered marble finish

The latest edition is inspired by a pen from the 1920s.
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Montblanc Rouge et Noir Marble

Montblanc's Rouge et Noir series is getting a bold new update with the addition of the Serpent Marble. The new model is based on a design from the 1920s that featured a coral marble pattern. For this version, the pen has a red lacquered marble finish that is applied using a water transfer process. This technique creates a unique pattern for each individual pen that's produced. Wrapped around the cap is a platinum-coated serpent, a decorative element that's inspired by a 1920s Montblanc pen clip and the cap is crafted from coral and ivory-colored resin. The serpent theme continues to the rhodium-coated nib, which features a sneak head engraving.

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