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Monocle's latest book is a slower, gentler take on self-improvement

Subject matter that is as relevant as ever.
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Odds are you've had quite a bit of time to mull over the more important things in life this year and if you ask us, the last six months have certainly shined a bright light on the many seemingly small things that many of us might be taking for granted. Monocle's upcoming book is less about the self-help tropes and instead takes a broader yet simpler focus on how to live better and do better. 

"The Monocle Book of Gentle Living is a handbook to help you think about how to reconnect, make good things happen, to do something you care about and discover nice places and extraordinary people along the way. Sometimes the fixes are simple and personal: to run, dive into a lake, sleep more or set aside some time with the people who make us happy. Maybe it’s about eating food from producers who are proud of its provenance or building spaces into cities that respect older residents and value younger ones. Our editors have brought all this together in one simple book – so how about taking a few moments away from the crush to flick through the pages? Gently does it, now."


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