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Monocle's latest book brings us a tour of Italy's best destinations

The new book takes a deep dive into the country's fashion, food, and culture.
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Monocle Book of Italy

From being an unstoppable force in fashion to filling the bellies of hungry foodies, Italy's impact on the world is undeniable and while many of us count the days until we can visit, Monocle takes us on a rich, 300-page journey on the design, destinations, and food that makes the country so special. 

"Coming hot on the heels of the best-selling The Monocle Book of Japan, our new book turns its focus to Italy. It’s a country that feels comfortingly familiar for many, yet beyond the clichés lies a complexity and variety that’s perpetually surprising. For more than a decade, Monocle has roamed the length of the nation and The Monocle Book of Italy is the result of our dedicated reporting. Join us as we throw down our towels at the best beaches, sit front row at dazzling runway shows, call in at vineyards, gelato spots and furniture fairs, and maybe even hit a disco or two. See Italy through a whole new lens."


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