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Design Lust | The Bike Flask by Yorgo Tloupas and Martell

Bet you didn't think cognac and cycling could mix.
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Photo: Wallpaper

Photo: Wallpaper

Well, you probably shouldn't mix cognac and cycling in general, but we couldn't ignore just how beauty of designer and cyclist Yorgo Tloupas's flask created with one of the oldest cognac houses in the world, Martell. The idea here isn't a flask for your bike, but combines a water bottle with a special reservoir for Martell's finest beverages. 

Created for Wallpaper's annual Handmade collection, the chrome housing is where you'll find the water portion of the flask which is crafted in polished steel and for the cognac a screw in glass portion is fitted on the bottom which also adds a nice contrast against the chrome. 

Visit Wallpaper to find out more about the flask and the rest of this year's Handmade collection.

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