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Mack Weldon's new mask features a layer of antimicrobial silver

Silver XT2 fabric has been used by astronauts, Olympians, and the US Special Forces.
Mack Weldon Silver Mask

One of the first brands to use pure silver in consumer apparel, Mack Weldon launches a new mask that combines the comfort of Supima cotton and antimicrobial Silver XT2 fabric. Silver XT2 takes pure silver and injects it into a polyester sheath that will never wash out and will remain intact throughout the lifespan of the garment. The masks feature a three-layer construction that consists of an inner layer of Supima cotton and silver, a middle layer of 100% woven cotton and an outer layer of Supima cotton and Silver XT2 that's coated with a water-resistant finish for an additional barrier against droplets. 


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