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Louis Vuitton Windows

You've seen them, you've admired them, and now they've been collected in a massive book from Assouline.
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Photo: Assouline

Photo: Assouline

We've all walked by them, those incredible Louis Vuitton window displays that are more like modern art than your typical store window. Assouline has collected those displays in a new book, Louis Vuitton Windows:

"Any passerby has seen them: The windows of Louis Vuitton’s storefronts are magnetic. They draw crowds of adults and children alike, eyes wide in wonder at such spectacles as a colossal roller coaster, gleaming golden dinosaur, panoply of brightly colored hot-air balloons, or a universe of polka dots. With an oeuvre of over thirty-five displays, creators Faye McLeod and Ansel Thompson bring the windows of one of the world’s leading luxury brands to life with their unparalleled magic. Featuring an introduction by The New York Times fashion director and critic Vanessa Friedman, these celebrated vitrines are presented as works of art in this hand-bound oversize Ultimate Collection edition, capturing the inspired world that is Louis Vuitton."

$845, Assouline

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