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Legent brings together Japanese and American whiskey-making expertise

The bourbon is a collaboration between whiskey legends, Fred Noe & Shinji Fukuyo.
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Legent Bourbon

What happens when you join the skills of two revered whiskey experts? You get a one-of-a-kind bourbon that marries two cultures, who have a deep appreciation for all things whiskey. Legent is a collaboration between Beam Family Master Distiller Fred Noe and Chief Blender with the House of Suntory, Shinji Fukuyo. Noe contributed his family's famed bourbon recipe, which is made from high-quality grains and calcium-rich limestone water. This is then aged in newly charred white oak barrels and is then transferred to wine and sherry casks. Shinji Fukuyo then takes the bourbons and carefully blends them to create a flavor profile that is described to have warm and oaky flavors like a traditional bourbon but also has the complexity of a Japanese whisky. 

Legent is now available throughout the US in select markets. 


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