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Leffe knows a thing or two about character, the Belgian brewery has taken generations of beer making know-how to create the unique character of their famed Ales.

Recently the brand hit the streets of New York City to find just that, but in a man with true character. It was a mission that wrangled together 250 men that offered up stories of adventure and for some, moments that changed their lives forever.

Five finalists were chosen and the winning story came from Ryan Eberts, who after seeing a slideshow of a Bangladeshi orphanage, decided to make the trek to the country to teach English. His time in the country inspired him to write a book about his experiences and plans are in the works for another book about the history and culture of Bangladesh and the plight of its children. Check out the rest of the stories from the other finalists after the jump and for more on Leffe follow them on Twitter @leffebrewers or visit

Blaine Pennington, Archaeologist

Blaine Pennington was born and raised in the small town of Duncan, Oklahoma. His fascination with foreign culture led him to the study of Anthropology during his time at the University of Notre Dame. Upon graduation, Blaine spent three years backpacking and living abroad traversing 26 countries altogether throughout his travels. He enjoys photography and travel writing, both which can be viewed on the travel website,

Charlie Sewell, Trader and Basketball/Baseball Coach

Charlie Sewell has been a teacher in New York City for 20 years; 10 years in public school and 10 years in private school where he served as an athletic director and taught physical education. He has coached boys and girls in a variety of interscholastic and recreational league sports: including basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, volleyball, and tennis. Charlie began actively trading his own equities account online two years ago and continue to coach middle and high school sports.

Nick Sonderup, Writer and Music Fanatic

Nick Sonderup is an ACD/Copywriter at BBDO-New York. During the 100 Bands in 100 Days project, he worked at Wieden + Kennedy. He has written many advertising campaigns for brands like AT&T, ESPN, MTV, Nike and Starbucks. He lives in Brooklyn with his fiancé, four guitars, two bicycles and one cat.?

Adam Strauss, Entrepreneur

Adam Strauss's comedy has been called many things, mostly adjectives. He also works on Wall Street and writes fiction, unfortunately in that order. Adam rose phoenix-like from the hardscrabble, Volvo-lined streets of Newton, Massachusetts in the midst of that city's crippling hard cider epidemic, defying those who said he'd never amount to more than a cosmetic surgeon or corporate attorney.

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