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Lamborghini 50

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Feruccio Lamborghini's legendary supercar company celebrates its 50th birthday this year and to mark the occasion the brand will release a book that covers its history and influence on popular culture and design:

"To celebrate Lamborghini's first fifty years, authors and professionals from different fields narrate its history, present and future in a completely new way. Lamborghini--one of the most famous and iconic of all automobile brands--will turn fifty in 2013. Over the course of these fifty years, it has gradually established itself as a leader in its sector, integrating perfectly into the culture of its time and becoming a symbol of innovation in design and technology and a phenomenon in culture and communication. This beautifully illustrated book describes every step of the journey, with references to cinema, technology, design, and the work of the men who made their fortune from the brand.

It is not the usual book about cars written for car enthusiasts, but a broader and more complex project with six carefully structured chapters (1. The history; 2. The technological innovation; 3. The design; 4. The people; 5. The image; 6. The future.), together with spectacular images of all the models produced up to now, revealing how Lamborghini made its way into the collective imagination and became the legend that it is today."

September, $75, Rizzoli

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