Lagavulin is capping off its 200th Anniversary with a limited edition 1991 Single Malt

A limited run of some highly prized Whisky to benefit charity.
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Lagavulin 1991

Lagavulin is ending its 200th Anniversary with a raffle of 1991 bottlings of its prized Single Malt Whisky. The complex whisky is described with a nose of "Charred oak timbers, sawdust and voluptuous fruit backed by subtle milk chocolate and vanilla", a palate that's "Hot and sweet. Searing, woody dryness, then calmer with mentholic chocolate notes and comforting honey underscored by a subtle chilli-like heat", and finishes with "tart red-berry notes, cedar and a spicy, smoky ginger warmth." Lagavulin 1991 will benefit seven Islay charities in Scotland and customers will be selected at random. 

$1,834 (est.),

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