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The Ultimate Espresso Maker? La Marzocco's Linea Mini

The famed Linea Classic gets shrunk down for the home.
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Photos: Lar Marzocco

Photos: Lar Marzocco

If you love a good cup of espresso, odds are that you've had more than a few cups that were produced by one of those incredible La Marzocco Linea Classics. La Marzocco is taking the Linea Classic and shrinking it down into a kitchen-sized version for the home with the new Linea Mini.


Though its a much more compact design, the company didn't compromise on features. You'll find an EE brew paddle with programmed pre-infusion, a built-in 3.5L water reservoir, a commercial-grade dual boiler system, a thermal stability system, hot water spout for cleaning the portafilter, and adjustable temperature with a stepped temperature wheel.

$4,495, more info at

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