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La Marzocco's home espresso machines just got a whole lot smarter

The company's La Marzocco Home app will let you control your machines right from your smartphone.
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La Marzocco Connected

La Marzocco is launching a new "connected machine" feature for its Linea Mini and GS3 models that let you control your machines from your smartphone. Standard for all new GS3s and Linea Minis, the feature allows you to remotely turn your machine on and off, create schedules, control and check boiler temperature, activate and set pre-brewing on/off times, check machine stats, and set auto-volumetrics on the GS3 by the number of "pulses." If you already own a Linea Mini or GS3 without the connect machine feature, the company will be releasing a retrofit kit in the near future so you can upgrade your machines.

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