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La Marzocco offers a rare look into the espresso-making institution

A new must-have for all the coffee snobs out there.
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The Story of La Marzocco

If you appreciate a great cup of espresso, odds are that it has been made on a machine built by La Marzocco. The company has been some of the finest machines since their inception in Florence, Italy and now they're offering a rare look into the brand with their new book. 

"The Story of La Marzocco—a beautiful inside look at the Italian company that helped revolutionize espresso. The first La Marzocco espresso machine was created in 1927. Since then, La Marzocco has been instrumental to the craft and forward motion of the espresso industry. This 120-page book—filled with photography, historical documents, behind-the-scenes information, and more—celebrates the La Marzocco heritage and gives a never-before-seen look inside the history of the company."


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