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The Simplified Shower Routine | Kiehl's Body Fuel

The only body wash you'll ever need.
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Photo: Kiehl's

Photo: Kiehl's

If you're all about the all-in-one shower washes, we recommend you ditch the drugstore buys you currently have in the bathroom and go the Kiehl's route. Why? Well, it probably smells better than everything else on the shelf and it doesn't have any suspicious or potentially harmful ingredients. 

The Body Fuel formula consists of a refreshing blend of caffeine and Vitamin E & C to energize while zinc is anti-inflammatory and keeps sebum in control and Menthol refreshes and cools. And you can use it for both hair and body so you can get in and get out while feeling and smelling your best. 

$8-$20, available now at

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