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Juniper Ridge High Desert Beard Oil

Your mug deserves nothing but the best.
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Photo: Juniper Ridge 

Photo: Juniper Ridge 

Here's a great new addition to your summer regime, especially if you're rockin' the full-on Jedi on your face. Juniper Ridge's High Desert Beard will not only keep it nice and refreshed with its naturally-derived sent, but it will also keep your mug moisturized and looking its best.

It does this with a hydrating Jojoba oil that works great on your face, hair, and skin and the Creosote flowers, Piñon needle and pitch, and desert cedar leaf add a scent profile that you just won't find on the shelf at your local department store. If we've got your attention you better grab a bottle now, they've only made 286 bottles of the stuff and these things tend to go quickly.

$45, available at

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