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James Squire Pioneers_ Collection

It's very difficult to not feel like we're doing Discommon's latest project a disservice by simply calling it a bottle opener when it's a complex, sculptural art piece that took over 150 hours to complete. Designed in collaboration with Australian brewer, James Squire, the bottle opener was created to commemorate the release of their Pioneers' Collection, a limited edition collection of small batch, barrel-aged beers. The handcrafted design combines a mix of sterling silver, burl walnut, grade 5 titanium, and a chunk of Damascus steel that we imagine will be be used to sink its rare teeth into some of the finest beverages out there.  

Only one bottle opener will be produced and it will be sold at auction with proceeds supporting Rural Aid, a charity providing relief to farmers and rural communities impacted by natural disasters. 

$20,000+, /

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