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iPhone Gear Guide

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The wait is finally over, tonight at 6pm, gadget freaks across the nation will ambush the checkout counters at Apple Stores across the nation to purchase the long awaited, practically holy, Apple iPhone. If you're planning to brave the crowds tonight, or wait it out until the madness has subsided, we've compiled a list of our favorite iPhone accessories worthy enough to compliment your shiny new toy.


(A) Bluetooth Enabled Oakley Square Wire Sunglasses w/ RAZRWire Module | Get it here: $150 + $60

(B) MacAlly USB Car Charger | Get it Here: $15

(C) Speck Holster-Pro | Get it Here: $30

(D) Aliph Jawbone | Get it Here: $130

(E) Griffin Streamline | Get it Here: $TBD

(F) Marware Quick Vue | Get it Here: $30

(G) V-MODA Vibe Duo Earphones/Headset | Get it Here: $100

(H) Incase Molded Rubber Case | Get it Here: $30

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