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Hypebeast unleashes a revamped magazine to celebrate its 10th anniversary

The fashion and streetwear favorite celebrates 10 years with an all-new design for their 11th issue.
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HYPEBEAST is going into their 11th issue this month and is showing off its brand new look as it refreshes its format to celebrate their 10th year in the business: 

"With 10 issues firmly behind us, we decided to approach our publication in a brand new light. For our 11th issue, we’re proud to present the HYPEBEAST Magazine in a completely revamped layout design, as well as paper stock, offering a new and unique reading experience. While the surface of the publication has its obvious changes, we have also approached each and every feature with more attention and geist, bringing a series of interviews, features and styling shoots that delve deeper into the subject’s frame of mind than ever before. Our goal at HYPEBEAST is to dissect and explore our culture, only to reconstruct it back into a digestible media of information. With that, we’ve themed this issue around the act of restoration. With that theme in tow, we approached names within fashion famous for defining their own definition of the industry, thus reconstructing the way we think about fashion.

Spearheading this is our cover feature Rick Owens, where we explore the virtue of his unrelenting consistency as a designer — his thoughts, purpose and action that forms the quintessential and coveted “Rick Owens” products. We also spend time with the expert in all things fashion, Nick Wooster who advises us not on what to think, but how we should rethink the notion of “style.” Veteran in the cut-and-sew, Dr. Romanelli also graces our pages with an in-depth look at why the act of restoration is so important within the industry, and visvim’s founder Hiroki Nakamura regaled us with why he unequivocally loves what he does as a designer and collector.

We also spoke to masters in their craft of reviving parts of history into an improved, modern version without losing its original significance. This includes automotive fabricator and rebuilder Len Higa, traditional store sign artist NUTS, and retro-inspired British streetwear legend and store owner of London’s THUNDERS, Peter “Barnzley” Armitage among other brands, companies and names that have made an imprint through restoration. Rounding off the issue are our styling shoots, presented not only on a new paper platform, but with a different approach that offers some insight by way of a short interview on the process of the shoot — an often hidden aspect that we feel deserves to be shared. So please enjoy the latest in our print effort, the new HYPEBEAST Magazine with its new and original layout done by the art and design office Number 04."

$12, Hypebeast Store

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