HighSnobiety announces its next book, "The New Luxury"

The book takes a look at how streetwear broke into the world of luxury.
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HighSnobiety "The New Luxury"

Whether it's Yeezy or Supreme, streetwear isn't in the same space it was ten years ago. Some might not even consider it streetwear at all anymore, these brands have found their way into the upper echelons of fashion and they're not going away anytime soon. HighSnobiety takes a look at this evolution of what we consider luxury in their latest book with Gestalten. 

"Highsnobiety, the publication geared at culturally-connected, style-savvy, forward-thinking young men, is seen as a gatekeeper to the growing intersection of music, fashion, and style. Their latest book seeks to define “New Luxury,“ a term that summarizes how streetwear and sneakers have not only infiltrated the upper tiers of fashion, but became it. The New Luxury isn’t just about what you wear, but also what you know. This book provides the foundational knowledge of how youth-driven culture and fashion trends start from the ground up"

The New Luxury will be available this fall.


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