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Harry's grows its grooming lineup with a range of dandruff and scalp care products

Scalp care without all the harsh chemicals.
Harry's Dandruff and Scalp Care

If you happen to deal with an itchy, flaky scalp then you're probably quite familiar with all the harsh chemicals and synthetic-scented haircare products that only exacerbate an already annoying problem. Harry's has stepped in with its own lineup of scalp care products with a new range of dandruff shampoos to keep the flakes at bay. The shampoo comes in three options: Dry Scalp for itchiness and buildup, Anti-Dandruff to help control scalps with moderate flakes, and an Extra Strenght option for tougher situations. They're also releasing a Scalp Scrub with two types of sugars to help remove dry skin and an oil-free Scalp Cream to help soothe and condition. 


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