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Popular men's magazine GQ reaches into its massive photo archive to highlight the GQ MAN, both past and present. From the men we admire, to the men we wouldn't mind being:

"For decades, around the world, it has been said of certain men, "He's so GQ." The magazine has become synonymous with style, but to "be GQ" is so much more than just being outwardly fashionable. It also means to be cultured, to have taste, to have panoramic interests, from politics, art, and literature to film, music, travel, and of course fashion. It's about being a part of the cultural moment-- actively engaging in the here and now with curiosity and an appetite for what's new.

Mining the magazine's extensive photographic archives, GQ Men captures the essence of what it means to look sharp and think smart --the magazine's mantra-- by showcasing the men who embody the GQ spirit: Legends like Newman, Redford and Dylan; legends in the making, like Clooney and Denzel; the new guard of young, handsome hot shots, like Michael Fassbender, Channing Tatum, and Ryan Gosling; musicians from Kanye to McCartney, leaders like Obama and Clinton, fashion designers from Ralph Lauren to Thom Browne, plus artists (Jeff Koons), athletes (LeBron James), and funnymen from Fallon and Ferrell to Zach Galifianakis. GQ Men celebrates all the facets of the modern American man--smart and stylish both inside and out.

September, $150, Assouline




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