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Gigantic solves your candy bar cravings without all the bad stuff

And they're vegan too.
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Gigantic Candy Bars

Nothing will ever replace our love for a good candy bar but as our tastebuds have matured, all that sweetness doesn't taste as good as it did when we were kids. Some companies have answered this issue with "candy" that's filled with sugar alternatives and none of those come remotely close to anything that's enjoyable or even remotely edible. Gigantic's approach to this was simple. They used real sugar. Well, a whole lot less of it, 7 grams to be exact. They've made their candy bars with fairtrade dark chocolate and used vegan, plant-based recipes with real ingredients like Madagascar vanilla and coconut milk to keep things natural. And the end result is a treat that dials down the sweetness while upping the flavors with a little more sophistication and all that gooeyness you expect in a great candy bar. 

$27 (eight pack),

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