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Gear Review: Kicker iK500

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Known mostly for their bass thumping car audio gear, Kicker is now releasing its very own iPod and Zune stereos for the home. We've had the iK500 iPod compatible model in our hands for over a week now and it just may be the loudest iPod stereo we've ever listened to. More from our review after the jump.

The first and most significant thing you will notice about the iK500 is just how LOUD it is and it does this without virtually no distortion at the highest volume levels. We played everything from heavy metal to classical to hip hop and it handled each and every song beautifully with clear mids, highs and solid bass.


One of the key features of the iK500 is the six-inch square reflex subwoofer which delivers some of the loudest and deepest bass we've ever heard in a desktop sized iPod stereo. For bassheads and Hip-Hop fans it is by far the best option currently out there.

Other features include a credit card sized remote that lets you control the volume as well as navigate through the iPod's menu. Bass and Treble controls are also available and an auxiliary option can be switched on for listening to other devices through the stereo jack input.

The only real negative (albeit a minor one) we found is the exclusion of composite video-out which oddly enough is included on the Zune version of the speaker.

Overall we were more than impressed with the iK500 and recommend it to anyone in the market for an iPod stereo system. We would choose this over any of the comparable speakers currently available on the market and expect this model to be one of the best options for some time to come.


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