Esquire UK's The Big Watch Book

The UK version of the poopular men's magazine launches a new watch publication.
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Photo: Esquire UK

Photo: Esquire UK

Esquire UK announces its newest publication dedicated to the world of horology: 

"The launch issue of the Big Watch Book magazine from Esquire UK is the ultimate guide to stylish timekeeping and a celebration of the very best that the world’s preeminent watch brands have to offer. This inaugural edition goes inside the world of Swiss luxury watchmaking, investigates the smarter smartwatches taking on Apple, profiles maverick watchmaker Richard Mille, gets behind the wheel of a Shelby Cobra, reports on the world of pre-owned watches, marvels at the Instagram watch marketing revolution, records the history of horology and gets bang up to date with a directory to all the brands that matter. Plus, of course, expert opinion, buying advice and more brilliant new watches than you can shake a wrist at. Get it now — the time has come."

$24, Esquire UK

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