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D.S. & DURGA Candles

Husband & Wife duo D.S. & Durga launch a new line of Candles.
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Photos: Old Faithful Shop

Photos: Old Faithful Shop

Coming off a successful run of fragrances, D.S. & Durga take their fragrance expertise into the home with a collection of candles. The line features three scents which include '85 Diesel, Portable Fireplace, and Spirit Lamp. The 7oz candles are hand-crafted using balsam, plaint oil, and premium perfume ingredients. 

We're most interested in the '85 Diesel which is described as "Saffron tanned leather seats, clothes like tattered rugs, lacquered chestnut panelling and puffs of burning fuel - this candle will have you singing "we must never break the chain" - notes of suede, white violet, hiba and diesel smoke." Get your's today at Old Faithful Shop ($75).

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