Discommon's latest coffee table is a highly complex tribute to the Aston Martin Valkyrie

The CNC machining alone took 27 hours to complete.
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Discommon Bespoke Valkyrie Coffee Table

Discommon is switching it up a bit from its aluminum creations with a new table that's crafted from American walnut. Part of their Automotive Icons Table Series, this edition celebrates what the company considers to be one of the greatest achievements in modern automotive design, the Aston Martin Valkyrie. Discommon founder Neil Ferrier describes the complex process: 

“Creating an intricate wooden top design presents a set of completely different challenges to machining a block of aluminum. It not only requires prepping the block of wood in an intelligent way to prevent warping and cracking during the machining process, but also tedious hand-sanding and hand-finishing to maintain the details and curvature of the automotive body.”

This process required 30 hours of CAD modeling, 30 hours of prepping and bonding the wooden block, 27 hours of CNC machining, and another three days of sanding and finishing. The final result is a sculptural piece like nothing else you've ever seen and is even more impressive considering that it's crafted out of wood. The table also sits on machined aerospace-grade aluminum legs, which have been hard-anodized in a satin black finish. 

$17,000, discommon.com

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