Dewar's launches the first mezcal cask-finished whiskey

An 8-year-old Scotch with a Oaxacan twist.
Publish date:
Dewar's Illegal Smooth

Dewar's is bringing an interesting twist to Scotch that has never been done before. The distiller has teamed up with Illegal Mezcal to create their follow up to last year's Caribbean Smooth, which finished Dewar's blended Scotch in rum casks. This time around, the company has finished its 8-year-old double-aged scotch in ex-Illegal Mezcal casks sourced from Oaxaca, Mexico. Aging the whisky in mezcal casks imparts a unique flavor with a profile that is described to have "subtle notes of caramel, sliced green pepper and a wisp of smoke."

Dewar's Illegal Smooth will hit shelves in mid-April. 


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