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HG Timepiece has been developing and selling Marc Newson's famed hourglasses for years but the company could never quite figure out who to create a version with blue nanoballs. Enter watchmaker De Bethune, who's expertise in blueing metals came in handy to create a new version of the hourglass with the blued nanoballs HG Timepiece and Newson have always wanted. De Bethune used a special thermal oxidation process to achieve the perfect blue hue, which are carefully sorted and selected for use in each hourglass. This process took De Bethune cofounder several months to perfect, resulting in a method that was able to create the ideal blue for a whopping 127 million nanoballs. 

HG Timepiece and De Bethune have created 36 Hourglasses, which is split into twelve 60-minute Hourglasses and twenty-four 10-minute Hourglasses.

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