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CW&T's Superlocal is a clever clock that's built around your day

The 24-hour clock has a ring of dimples that let you mark important hours during the day.
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CW&T's Superlocal is simple enough, it's got a single hand that rotates around a 24-hour dial but it's the little dimples around the dial that make this something you'll never forget, literally. The dimples can be customized with magnetic spheres that are set around specific times of the day. Say you aim to sleep at 11PM, set a dot at the 11PM marker and it keeps a casual, non-intrusive way to keep a sleep schedule. You can obviously take this further, adding and removing dots to build around your entire day, creating a routine that you can easily adjust as life changes. 

Superlocal is the latest CW&T project to get fully funded via Kickstarter and will hit customer's doorsteps in January. 


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