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Buffalo Trace announces the second release of their Colonel E.H. Taylor, Jr. Four Grain Bourbon Whiskey

The company has no plans to release additional bottlings in the near future.
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Colonel E.H. Taylor, Jr. Four Grain Bourbon Whiskey

Buffalo Trace is announcing a second release of its coveted E. H. Taylor, Jr. Four Grain Bourbon Whiskey. The bottle will be the last release for time being and no other bottles are planned for production. The award-winning bourbon was distilled in 2005 and has a flavor profile that's described to have "a nose reminiscent of a chocolate roast malt, a flash of spice attached to barely perceptible ulmo honey, followed by a taste complemented by deeper Manuka honey and licorice notes. The finish is said to be a “slow, lightly oiled, gently spiced chocolate fade."

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