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Chopin's Family Reserve aims to be one of the finest vodkas on the market

The new vodka uses a special variety of young potato.
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Chopin Vodka Family Reserve

One of the finest vodkas to be released this year didn't come from Russia. Created in the village of Krzesk, Poland, Chopin Family Reserve is the distiller's new flagship vodka, a special formula crafted from a variety of young potato found in the fields that surround the distillery. To capture the described sweet and earthy flavor profile, the potatoes were harvested at the peak of summer and are then used to create a spirit, which is aged in fifty-year-old Polish oak barrels for two years. 

The end result is a unique vodka and is the first young potato vodka of its kind. Family Reserve is described to have a nose of sweet musk with a palate that opens with "a delicate earthy sweetness" and notes of licorice and olive. Chopin Vodka Master Distiller Waldemar Durakiewicz recommends that the vodka is enjoyed chilled and sipped neat, on the rocks, or in a cocktail. 



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