Casio G'zOne and The Longboard Girls Crew | Sponsored


Casio equips the Longboard Girls Crew with G'zOne and shows off the phone's go-anywhere, do-anything prowess as the ladies of the LGC get together to get some longboarding in and show us boys how its done.

To mark the release of the G'zOne phone, Casio is showcasing its expertise in building rugged gear with a series of videos highlighting the phone as a worthy companion in high performance activities and sports such as Parkour, Longboarding, and even Base Jumping. Powered by Verizon, the phones combine the latest and greatest in smartphone technology with Casio's legendary ruggedized functionality, which in the case of the G'zOne, helps the phone withstand potential damage from drops, water, and dust. Click here for more on the Casio G'zOne and The Longboard Girls Crew and the Casio G'zOne

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