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Buffalo Trace hits its latest bourbon with a blast of infrared light

The distillery uses infrared light waves to create its latest experimental edition.
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Photo: Buffalo Trace

Photo: Buffalo Trace

Buffalo Trace Distillery has been toying with a new way to craft its bourbon and it's probably not what you would expect. Part of their Experimental Collection, their new bourbons undergo an infrared light treatment that allows for unique flavors to be drawn from their barrels. 

To prepare for the process, the company worked with barrel cooper Independent Stave Company, who built eight barrels to be used in this experiment. After going through the standard process of being open air seasoned for six months, the barrels were fully constructed and separated into two groups that were shot with different levels of infrared light waves.

After two groups of barrels underwent their varying levels of infrared light treatment, the barrels then get a quick char and get filled with the brand's Bourbon Mash #1. Six and a half years later the bourbons are said to have flavor notes of wood, caramel, vanilla, and pepper with one of the groups being more floral due to the shorter infrared treatment while the other group took on a more woody flavor profile from the longer light wave experiment.


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