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Buffalo Trace announces its 2017 Antique Collection

Five must-have limited edition whiskies for any collection.
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2017 BTAC Group

Bourbon aficionados will want to be on the lookout as Buffalo Trace has announced its five bottles for its 2017 Antique Collection. Consisting of different ages and proofs, the five-bottle collection will be led by the 129 proof George T. Stagg, which is decribed to have a flavor profile of espresso, chocolate fudge and tobacco. The other four bottles include a 128 proof William Larue Weller wheated bourbon, a 127 proof Thomas H. Handy Sazerac Rye, a 90 proof Eagle Rare 17 Year Old bourbon, and a Sazerac 18 year old bourbon. 

Available this October in limited quantities. 

$90 per bottle,

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